Sabrina Universal Lawton

International Best Selling Author, Spiritual Advisor, and Creator of YOFLOW

“A Woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing.

She goes where she will without pretense, and arrives at her destination

prepared to be herself and only herself.” ~Maya Angelou

I Had to Get to the Root

I finally realized that I had experienced so much pain since the beginning of my life, that all I ever wanted at the core of my existence, was for the world to be a better place. 


When I got to the root, I discovered that no matter how much joy or pain we experience, we are always in the path of God’s Will.


The question was no longer about whether God Loved me. The question was could I learn to love me.

I began to dig up the weeds, plant new seeds and bear good fruit.


The process was painful, but well worth the joy of knowing that my story is for God’s Glory.  


Here's the irony. The most painful part of my story, would be the poison I’d endure on the way to gettin here to share it with you. Yet here we are. In the flow. I thank God for you, and the Heavenly Hosts.

Evolve To Love 

Prior to answering the call to Evolve To Love, I enjoyed a lucrative sixteen-year leadership career, working for various high profile human capital corporations such as SAFECO, WAMU and ADP despite having a high school equivalent education level. 

In 2013, life forced me to my knees. While in prayer, I asked God to help me to see myself not as the world sees me, but as God See's me. In that moment, I felt an emptying, a surrendering from within my soul. God spoke these three words directly into my heart, "Evolve To Love". 


To my surprise, God called me away from the church to not only increase my understanding, but to prepare me to help raise the Spiritual IQ of humanity — beyond religion to Relationship, beyond flesh to Spirit; and beyond lust to Love.

My Story. God's Glory.

In The Beginning....



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