It's not Yoga

It's not Zumba


Breathe + Praise + Stretch = Heal.

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God--this is your true and proper worship. ~Romans 12:1


Flow 5-7 minutes twice a day to make the dis-ease go away.

  • YOFLOW is a physical exercise and a spiritual experience to enhance your walk with God.

  • YOFLOW is founded on the biblical principle that while bodily training is of some value, using our vessels for God's Will is highest the form of praise, and the surest way to optimal health. 

  • YOFLOW will cause your stress, and weight to float away, as you redirect your energy to what's really real and what really matters. You will feel the Presence of our Great and Marvelous God, Who is right here, right now, with us, all-ways.

  • YOFLOW movements, stretches, breath work ,and inspiring "flow" music are Divinely Designed to naturally activate the Holy Spirit or Light of the Son Within you. 

  • YOFLOW is Divinely Designed to help you embody God's Universal Laws of Love as written in the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: BIBLE. In the YOFLOW Family, we believe in Jesus!

Why I Created YOFLOW

Shorty after what I thought was a minor fender bender in 2013, I began to develop joint and ligament issues in my neck and shoulders. Migraine headaches, and chronic fatigue shortly followed. To add insult to injury, I have a family history of arthritis in the body. I seemed to have unlocked this dis-ease which was coded deep within my DNA. My condition was so debilitating that I was forced to take a leave of absence from my 16 year Corporate Leadership Career.

I not only tried ZUMBA, I became a certified instructor. What I quickly noticed, was that those who attended ZUMBA were having fun, but unfortunately, substantial weight loss was not usually a part of the equation.

I also became a huge YOGA fan. For years, I attended HOT YOGA classes on a regular basis. What I found was that because of my joint/ligament issues, it was hard for me to transition from pose to pose, let alone, hold certain postures for an extended period of time. My YOGA practice was beginning to cause flare-ups.


Did I mention that throughout my six years of suffering, I tried Specialists, Sports Therapists, Chiropractors... My primary health care physician was at a loss. There was no sustainable healing. It was in spiritual break-down where I received my spiritual breakthrough! 

"Every Problem Has a Spiritual Solution" 



Day after day, I would lay on my living room floor, breathing, meditating, and praying, while listening to soft, soothing melodies. I would feel and stretch into the places my body naturally wanted to go. I would declare that I am healed!


I would bring my unhealed trauma, pain, and agony to God while in this space. Within 30 days of discipline in this practice, a miracle happened... I was Supernaturally healed! Thank you Jesus! Then God gave me a profound awareness in my soul. "Sickness is nothing more than trapped emotional energy within us. Like our brother Jesus, we all have The Power within us to heal ourselves... We must "feel it to heal it". Then God said, "Go forth and help others heal from the inside out... Help them catch the flow... "YOFLOW".  Flow with me.