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"We are on the precipice of a spiritual breakdown—or a spiritual breakthrough. We now have a critical choice to make regarding whether we evolve or devolve as a human race."

"Do This In Remembrance of Me." Selah.
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YOFLOW is a download I received from God, divinely designed to awaken, inspire, and set God's children free through movement, meditation, and giving thanks and praise in all circumstances. The above video brings the Bible to life; delivering us to a new way, a new hope; and a new future in Christ Jesus.


Allow me to unleash the healing power of this YOFL☀️W performance in celebration of the January 20, 2021 Presidential Inauguration. Let us take this opportunity to publicly recognize that The Kingdom of Heaven is in Our Midst. Together we can send a message to the world. God does not think like man... "Every Problem Has a Spiritual Solution." Love is the cure.

In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen, A-woman, and so it is.


p.s... I'll be performing in my Royal Saree Gown.