1:1 SUL Sessions

You have been through more than you think you can bear! You've been to therapy and church. You've tried yoga and meditation; and you are still seeking, but not finding God's promises in your life.

Book your free introductory Divine Appointment to find out if I am called to help you find your spiritual solutions through my private 1:1 ASAP 


Advanced Spiritual Advising Program

  • See your past through new lenses

  • Expand your relationship with God

  • Embody the Universal Laws of Love

  • Discover the life God has for you

  • Attract Spiritual Love into your life

African Americans Awaken

E2LUniverse-ity Life Academy

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.                             ~R. Buckminster Fuller.


The time is now to be among the first to enroll in E2LU's virtual study group "AAA." 

  • Evolve your perspective on life

  • Heal the lingering pain of slavery

  • Know what God seeks from you

  • Understand why it happened

  • Gain a new understanding of God

  • Unleash Heaven on Earth together


KYSS Retreats

Learn how to Keep Your Sexy Sacred at hour next KYSS Retreat.  Our highly demanded KYSS Retreats are a sacred, spiritual self-love submersion! These retreats sell out fast! RSVP to be among the first to receive the next invitation!

  • Heal by truth, transparency & transcendence

  • Divinely connect with women who share your story

  • Understand the feminine nature of God flowing through you.

  • Dance! Be sexy and sacred!

  • We get there "to-get-her!

"As You Thinketh"

E2LUniverse-ity Life Academy

Be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Be among the first to enroll in E2LU's Virtual Life Course "As You Thinketh" (so you shall be).

  • See your life through new lenses

  • Evolve from victim to victorious

  • Connect with others in Divine Love

  • Embody the Universal Laws of Love

  • Gain a new understanding of God

  • Deepen your relationship with God

  • Attract true love into your life

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