Your Spiritual Midwife

Birthing the new you!

During our 1:1 Private Spiritual Advising Services you will:

  • See your life through new lenses, with 20/20 vision

  • Heal from sexual, emotional, and physical trauma

  • Reassess and release religious dogma

  • Gain a new way of understanding God

  • Transcend family patterns, and other negative defining moments

  • Receive weekly biblically and scientifically principled "love lessons"

  • Receive a free copy of my book, "Keep Your Sexy Sacred"

  • Learn to "KYSS" and attract sacred relationships rooted in love

  • Die to old thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, and be birthed anew

  • Become God's chosen among the few who answer the call

God's Promise to You


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The devil's in the details... You don't have to know everything about how it all works. You must only walk by faith and not by sight, to be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Have the courage to be all that God has created you to be and make the enemy your footstool.

My Client is a Soul-Seeker, a Life Coach, Mental Health Specialist, Business Mentor, Artist, Entertainer, World Traveler, and Inspiring Woman of God, who uses her God-given gifts to empower others with her genuine, authentic love. She is outwardly successful, and internally pregnant with possibility! Because of the toll her painful and traumatic experiences have taken on her mind, body, and soul; she seeks the fullness of peace, joy, and self-actualization. She knows that in order to receive the desires of her heart, she must see herself as God see's her. She must stand firmly in her own unique Divinity. I provide a safe place, and share my anointing in a sacred energy exchange, for her to do just that.

She was dimmed by her circumstance. Now she is a lighthouse. Check out her glow in the testimonials.

Are you a Soul-Seeker? Is God calling me to help you find? Answer the call. The rest of your blessed life depends on it.


My energy is very valuable to me. I take just four soul-seekers consecutively. Apply now for pricing and availability options.


Imagine your victory in her testimony!

Are you a Soul-Seeker? Evolve To Love

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