Wise Women Who Win is for you IF:

  • You believe you are a Queen in the Kingdom of Heaven, and you're ready to put your crown on; head high!

  • You desire to be a part of a community of "soul-seekers" who are genuine, authentic, honest, loving, and true.

  • You have tried therapy, life-coaching, business coaching, and religion, but there's still a God-shaped hole.

  • You have overcome a lot, but the internal battle continues! You're ready to alchemize your pain into power.

  • You believe God is calling you to a deeper evolving, beyond religion to a personal relationship with Christ.

  • You are tired of seeing life man's way. You have come to realize that "every problem has a spiritual solution".

  • You've invested in the way of the world long enough. You are excited to invest in the Kingdom of Heaven within.

  • You believe the Bible teachings contain your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

  • You believe you have super-powers! Jesus was talking about YOU when he said:

...that's the only way to experience the Sunshine...

God wants you to sing, and dance IN THE RAIN

I Am Sabrina Universal Lawton. I have a love story to tell you...

In the beginning...

  • I was born to a teenage mother. My father was incarcerated.

  • I had a violent near death experience at three months old.

  • I was sexualized at five, and experienced date rape.

  • I had limited education, and no college degree.

  • I experienced depression and spiritual warfare.

  • I have been divorced, and lost custody of my child. 

  • I have been bankrupt spiritually, morally, and literally.

  • I have allowed the lust of men to consume me.

  • I suffered from chronic illness for seven years.

In the now...

  • I enjoy a healed, loving relationship with my mom, and I forgive my father.

  • I am at peace with my childhood. In fact I am grateful for it all.

  • I regained custody of my son, who is now an amazing young adult!

  • Financial freedom and an abundance mindset is my way of life.

  • I have victory over depression by way of meditation, not medication.

  • God Supernaturally healed me from TMJ and chronic muscle dis-ease.

  • I am called to good men. I know what men truly desire from women.

  • I am educated by the most prestigious school of all, God's Universe-ity. I share what I learn with you here at Evolve To Love Universe-ity.

  • I am the Author of #1 International Best-Selling book: Keep Your Sexy Sacred  Win the War Between the Flesh and the Spirit, and Each Day a Gift.

  • I enjoy a God-centered marriage with the love of my life. We celebrated twelve years to eternity! I am inspired, and blessed by my two loving children. We experience the gift of each day in the Sunshine State of Florida.

As you might imagine, the battle was out of this world!

With God, not only will you win, I am anointed to help you get the victory!"

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father." ~John 14:12

Win in your relationship with God, men, wealth, and health

Wise Women Who Win


Here's What's In It for You

WWWW 12 Week Virtual Masterclass:

  • Course Duration: Coming Soon. Click here to reserve your spot.

  • Weekly virtual group classes. Video participation required.

  • Bi-weekly "Yoga-fusion" videos instructed by yours truly ~SUL

  • Two private Spiritual Advising Sessions with yours truly ~SUL

  • Curriculum for guided learning of Universal Laws of Love

  • Access to products and services which support your optimal health

  • Weekly love-lessons to help you embody the image and likeness of God

  • A lifetime of authentic, supportive, spiritual sisters, who you will love and trust


  1. Must have a physical copy of my book "KYSS". Will be referenced throughout course

  2. Must be available for weekly virtual calls on Mondays, during the hours of 1 - 2pm EST 

  3. Must have .zoom app downloaded onto phone or laptop to attend virtual class (easy and free)

WWWW Program Overview:



The foundational principles behind our words and actions while engaged with one another in this course will be driven by your embodiment of these four agreements: Authenticity. Honesty. Trust & Universal Love. All students are encouraged to actively participate verbally and visually. 

Instructor will begin each virtual masterclasses with prayer. A student volunteer will close each class with prayer. Weekly areas of focus will include a supporting scripture, scientific source, and/or other materials necessary to fully align your vessel with the energetic frequencies of God’s Universal Laws of Love.


All Students are required to complete homework, referred to as "love lessons" at E2LU. Students will be assigned an accountability partner. Partners agree to set up a recurring 20 minute call (Wise Women Wednesday Divine Appointment) to support each other in universal love, honesty, truth, vulnerability, and authenticity. Partners will use these calls to hold each other accountable for the completion of assigned weekly love lessons. Each class will begin with an open discussion about insight’s, awarenesses, challenges, and other experience from prior week.


Week 1

Exploring The Collective Consciousness of Women

  • Impact to Self Love

  • Impact to Trust

  • The Power of Two or More

  • The Number One Threat To Your Health

Week 2

Taking Inventory of The Garden of Your Life

  • Defining Moments

  • Defining Actions

  • Energy Clearing Meditation (ECM)


Week 3

Healing Abandonment, Abuse, and Sexual Trauma

  • Mother to Daughter. Woman to Woman. Sacred Sexuality.

  • Your Relationship Status and Your Core Beliefs

  • Energy Clearing Exercise (ECE)

  • The Truth About Men

Week 4

Characteristics of a Wise Woman

  • Evolving Beyond Beliefs about “Her”

  • Wisdom, Understanding and Authentic Beauty

  • The Path to Worthiness and Self-Love

  • Affirmations for Embodiment 

Week 5

Digging Up Roots Planting New Fruit

  • Generational Baggage to Generational Blessing

  • See Your life with 20/20 vision

  • Victim vs. Victor Mentality

  • From HiStory to HerStory

Week 6

Aligning with God’s Purpose for Your Life

  • A Woman In Harmony with her Spirit

  • Knowing The Energy Attached To Your Name

  • The Power of PMS and Menopause 

  • The Keys To Making your Mess Someone's Miracle

Week 7
Watching Out For The Weeds

  • A Woman In Harmony with her Spirit

  • Avoiding distractions in the form of people, places, and things

  • To React. To Respond. To Re-create. To Release.

  • Forgiveness. How To Do It, And Why It’s Critical To Your Win!

  • Beware of Religious Beliefs Which Block Your Relationship with God.

Week 8
The Super Highway to Wealth

  • The Quantum Physics of Abundance

  • Identifying The Roots for Your Abundance Blocks

  • Planting a New, Green, and Lush Money-Tree

  • The Art of Asking God To Help You Win!

  • Getting Paid to Be You

Week 9
Obtaining Optimal Health & Beauty From The Inside Out 

  • Exploring Issues Related to OBGYN

  • The Links Between Physical Beauty and Intimacy

  • Bridging the Gap Between Your Health and Sacred Self-care

  • Losing Weight Without Going on a Diet

  • Supernatural Spontaneous Healing


Week 10
Preparing for the WIN! (Wear the armor of God)

  • How to Guarantee Your Win in All Areas of Your Life

  • Writing Your Vision for an Evolve To Love Life

  • Allowing God Drive The Process

  • Quieting the Noise Around You

Week 11
Class Wrap Up

  • Transformations and Take-aways

  • Knowledge Base Review

  • Q&A

Week 12
Inspired Actions: Group Discussion

  • Accountability Partner Love Fest!

  • Next Steps for Ongoing Success

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You are officially Evolve To Love Universe-ity Alumni!

  • Invitation to an optional graduation ceremony where we celebrate YOU, a Wise Woman Who Wins, at our Summer 2020 KYSS Retreat!

And because I love giving you gifts...

  • Free elegant "Wise Woman Who Wins Tee"

  • Free elegant Evolve To Love Leather Journal & Pen

  • Free gift bag for your bling and other things!

Evolve To Love Your Life

Upon Completion of this WWWW Course You Will:

  • See your soul, your temple, and your reason for being through the lens of love

  • Deprogram, and reprogram your mind to attract peace, joy, health and wealth

  • See men differently, and attract all the love God has to offer you in this life and the next!

  • Heal in areas of your life that have been dried up by guilt, shame, dis-ease, and pain

  • Heal religious wounds by gaining a new way of understanding God through Jesus' teachings

  • Transcend the pain of your past, by discovering your super-powers hidden within your pain

  • Embody the true essence of a wise woman who knows her value and keeps her sexy sacred

  • Become present with those you love and care for, and enjoy the good fruits of your labor in this life and the next!

  • You are a very important (VIP) Soul Sister. God has many gifts for you, so that you can give from your overflow!

  • The Kingdom of Heaven is committed to you. Commit to the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • Optional: Attend your official WWWW Graduation Ceremony at our next KYSS Retreat

    • 22% Wise Women Who Win Alumni Discount

    • Located in Jamaica. Summer 2020​

    • Additional charges may apply. Airfare and some meals not included


Monetary Value $4,500

Eternal Value: Priceless


Tuition $1,500
Class size 22 students maximum.


Select Payment Option

10% Discount -$150


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3 Monthly Payments of 


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Paid in Full $1,500


Installment Plan $1,500